Wasp Nest Removal in Hitchin & the Surrounding Areas


Experiencing high number of wasps in your garden or even inside your home or business property? Unlike their friendly honey-making cousins, wasps are an unwelcome sight to most and are known for being aggressive, especially in the height of summer and in autumn. If you are having a problem with wasps or have identified a nest on your property, contact our professional pest control team. We are local specialists for wasp nest removal in Hitchin, covering many local and surrounding areas.


It is important to treat a wasp nest as early as possible, before the colony grows in size. Mature nests in the summer can contain thousands of wasps, increasing the threat of wasp stings which can cause deadly allergic reactions for some.

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Our Wasp Nest Removal Services


At Riddance Environmental UK Ltd, we use professional and safe treatment methods to deal with wasp nests. Our team has over 20 years of experience in pest control, helping address wasp problems at domestic, commercial and industrial properties not just in Hitchin, but also nationwide. Our tailored wasp nest removal services offer an effective and affordable solution to get rid of nesting wasps.


We offer a complete wasp control solutions, with the following services:


  • Free site visit to identify the nest and specific wasp species
  • Free no-obligation quotation for the recommended treatment
  • Tailored wasp nest removal services customised to your requirements and budget
  • Expert advice about preventing wasps from nesting on your property


Useful Information About Wasp Nests


What are the most common wasp nest locations?


Wasps often build nests in quiet, sheltered spaces that have access to the outside. Some of the most common areas we’ve found wasp nests in Hitchin and the surrounding areas include wall cavities, roof spaces, birdhouses, lofts, sheds and garages.


How can I identify a nest?


Wasp nests will vary depending on the species, but are generally made from chewed wood pulp and saliva, giving them a straw coloured or paper-like appearance. Observing and following the flight path of wasps can often lead you to the nest. Avoid going anywhere near the nest if you are allergic.


Are wasps a protected species?


No, wasps are not an endangered species or protected by the Wildlife Trust and so can be legally treated. If you are finding wasps in your property or on a regular basis outside your property, professional wasp nest removal services are the best answer.


Can I do anything to prevent wasp nests?


Yes, there are a few steps you can take to help avoid wasp nest problems at your property. Check your home, business, garden or grounds in early spring to see if you can identify early signs of nests being built, be careful with where you handle or leave food and make sure to keep bin lids tightly fitted.

For more information about wasp nest removal in the Hitchin area, call Riddance Environmental UK Ltd today on 07751 877 457. We provide a nationwide service.

image of a wasp nest
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image of a wasp nest
image of a wasp nest
image of a wasp nest